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Via Feratta

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A via ferrata (Italian for 'iron road') is a mountain route equipped with fixed cables, stemples, ladders and bridges and which are accessible to people with a wide range of climbing abilities. Whilst the easiest routes are relatively straightforward, more challenging routes are best climbed with a guide to avoid mistakes in handling the safety gear. The confidence of knowing the safety issue is taken care of leaves you to enjoy the stunning scenery and high level walkways.
A head for heights is an absolute must as some stretches of via ferrata can be very exposed, but with a guide these are conquered in perfect safety. If you've ever considered or enjoyed scrambling over rocks or tackling an adventure course via ferrata could be the perfect holiday activity for you! In the same way an adventure course has both a physical and mental component a via ferrata will be as much a test of your adaptability - it's both fun and exhilarating!
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1 to 7 days
None but a good level of fitness and a head for heights
Client/ Instructor ratio:
Up to 1:6
See our map below
Day temperatures are often 24-28°C
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The Brenta massif in the Italian Dolomites are a unique mountain range. Millions of years of steady erosion have created narrow ledges (called ‘seghe’ in Italian) which are unique to these mountains. The use of these ledges as routes for non-climbers to journey through the mountains goes back to the 1930s when groups of local climbers and enthusiasts first started to install the ladders, rails, bridges and ropes thus creating a path through the needles, spires and gorges – now known as the “Via della Bocchette” or Bochette Way.
This fantastic route is a testament to these pioneers and the result is an exciting yet safe journey through these wonderful mountains. The via ferratas used are never technically difficult but they are long and of alpine proportions and there is considerable exposure on some sections. Previous VF experience is not required and reasonable fitness, a head for heights and good balance and mobility on rocky, uneven terrain are the only pre-requisites.

Day 1 Travel to Madonna di Campiglio and meet your guides for the week. We deliver a detailed briefing on safety, equipment, weather and the plans for the days ahead. We stay overnight in a hotel in the town. Day 2 From Madonna di Campiglio we take the cable car to Groste Pass (2442m) and set out along the Sentiero Benini and Sentiero del Fridolin to arrive at our first hut, the Rifugio Brentei (2410m). Day 3 From the Rifugio Brentei along the Bocchetta alta di Molveno and the Ferrata delle Bocchette Centrali to the Rifugio Pedrotti (2491m). Stunning views along the route of the Campanile Basso. Day 4 Today's route takes us from Rifugio Pedrotti to the Rifugio XII Apostoli (2483m) along the Sentiero Brentari and the Ferrata Castiglioni. A wonderful but challenging route with considerable exposure. Day 5 From Rifugio XII Apostoli to the Rifugio Tuckett (2272m) along the Sentiero dell’Ideale, the Sentiero Martinazzi and the Ferrata Sosat Day 6 From Rifugio Tuckett to the Rifugio Alimonta (2580m) along the Sentiero della Sega Alta and the Ferrata delle Bocchette Alte. There is significant exposure along the route. Day 7 Leaving the Rifugio Alimonta we follow the Bocca dei Armi / Sentiero Spellini / Sentiero Orsi and Bocca di Tuckett to the Rifugio Casinei, which is the perfect place for a late lunch before catching the bus back to Madonna di Campiglio where we celebrate the end of a great week! Day 8 Disperse after breakfast.

As well as our scheduled dates we can run customised trips of any duration throughout the summer. Contact our office for details.

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Please contact us for details and to discuss your requirements.

It is a condition of booking that you are insured for your chosen activity and the cover must include medical expenses, personal accident, personal liability, third party risks and rescue (including helicopter rescue). You are strongly advised also to take out cover against cancellation and curtailment. If you need assistance arranging your personal insurance please let us know.
Via ferrata is what the Dolomites are famous for. Originally created through necessity during the fierce fighting of WW1, these cabled scrambles allow those of modest ability to access the most spectacular rocky faces and viewpoints. There are a huge number of these fixed protection climbing paths in the Dolomites which are graded by difficulty. If you like scrambling and have a head for heights, there is something for all abilities which will give you a truly memorable experience. Once you have the via ferrata bug, we guarantee you won’t look back! A via ferrata kit can be hired from ‘Sport Di Grandi Marmolada’ a few hundred metres away from Casa Alfredino, or if you need help choosing your own, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We have a great relationship with the guys who own a gorgeous set of apartments in the heart of the Dolomites and team up with them to offer a full package.
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